onsdag 21 oktober 2009

Oliven plockar Mandlar

Oliven plockar mandlar idag.
De stora tonsillerna ska bli små.
Sophiahemmet plockar fram sin laser.
Hon ligger på pappas mage för uppvak.
Jag längtar till de kommer hem.
Erik följde med Oliven, eftersom han är lugnare i en sjukhussituation.
Kram och hej

fredag 2 oktober 2009

The Vision of Greece

Beloved brother,
You have now the honourable mission and great challenge to guide an ancient nation, the cradle of modern politics.
You have the strength and courage to connect people, finding the power and confidence within every Greek citizen and individual.
You possess the capacity to unite a nation in a Vision of Greece, for coming decades and future centuries,developing a modern Greek identity, respectfully including neighbours, as the Balkan arena for Mediterranean progress and communion.
First you have to face the Trojan horse, in the shape of financial crisis and environmental threat, combined with national frustration.
You can make Greece the most progressive country in Europe, finding the financial and environmental gain by nourishing the development of sustainable innovation, climate change strategy with solutions for energy supply,and infrastructure.
Find engagement for the young generation by providing education to exhort their energy and ambition.
Respect the efforts of the old generation, by securing healthcare and economic safety.
Embrace immigrants, the new Greeks, eager to become part of the Greek community.
Let them enrich the nation, like Greeks have enriched the Swedish community in politics and music, literature and industry.
The key to survival for a modern nation, throughout turbulence and frustration, is to learn how to live together,using the courage to conquer fear of strangers and judgemental minds.
The time has come for you to write political history, creating a trustworthy path of guidelines for your politicalfellow members.
The source of success lies within the Greek people.
A strong decentralized municipal power throughout a prosperous archipelago.
You can make it happen!
Much love,